Your next level home workout with Resistance Band & Loop Band

It’s the best time to do a home workout.

Bodyweight training alone is too boring for you?

Then this article can help.

You will be presented with exercises with cool fitness gear that you can combine into a strong home workout.

Let’s get started!

This article is brought to you by Sculpt Army and contains links to it. The editorial content was created without any influence from me. I was provided with the fitness gear. You can find out more about this type of article here: More about sponsored posts. Have fun while reading. Your patient.

Home workout motivation

Are you one of those people who prefer to train in a group with a trainer?

Are you someone who prefers to lift iron in the gym?

I sympathize with you – but unfortunately we live in a time when that is not always possible.

It is all the more important that you have suitable alternatives at hand. Because not every home workout deserves the title particularly valuable. Don’t worry, in this article I am going to introduce you to a definitely very valuable workout.

And I would also like to motivate you to do this or other home workouts. Not once, not twice, but again and again.

Stay tuned.

Start – and carry on.

Quitters never win. Winners never give up.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for motivating everyone in the same way. If I had that, I would probably do my bodyweight training sessions on a deserted island that belongs to me.

But that’s not the case. Why?

Because everyone reacts differently to stimuli. But you don’t have to hang your head now. I will simply pass on tips that have worked for me or my trainees and you will choose the ones that also work for you.

deal? Deal!

Motivation tips

Here you will find my best motivational tips to stick with your regular home workout in the long term:

  • Think about the future
    If you start today, think about yourself to work – in other words, do the home workout that I’m about to introduce you to – and train regularly, where will you be in 3 months, where in a year? You will wish you had started today. Don’t let it get that far and start.
  • Set yourself a goal
    Goals are important companions on the way to your fit self. It is important to formulate it smartly: specific, measurable, accepted, realistic and timed. So define exactly what you want to achieve and by when you want to achieve it.
  • Find your why
    Hardly anything is more powerful in terms of motivation than your why. That’s the one thing that is behind your goal. Your why answers the questions: Why do I want to achieve this goal? So it’s more about how you feel when you’ve reached your goal and why you want to tackle it in the first place. When I asked about their why, some of them answered that they would like to be there longer for their children and that they cannot be out of breath so quickly when they romp with them in the garden. Your why is a good why when it emotionalizes you. Find it!
  • Make a plan
    It helps a lot if you hang up a note in your apartment, on which you entered your training units. When you’ve done home workouts, check it off. We humans are designed in such a way that we want to tick the next box. Try it!
  • Remove hurdles
    Make your home workout as easy as possible. Have your sports clothes ready the day before. Make a note of the workouts in your calendar. Don’t make excuses. You can do it!

Nobody plans to fail, but most fail to plan. Lee Iacocca

You shouldn’t lack motivation anymore.

Fitness gear used

Let’s now take a look at the necessary fitness gear – in our case today the two main characters:

  • Resistance band with handle
  • Loop band (adjustable)

I got the tools from Sculpt Army. Sculpt Army is your home training brand.

At the Frankfurt startup, in addition to resistance band and loop band, you also get jump ropes and a waist belt for your home workout.

This link takes you to the Sculpt Army Fitness Gear Shop. With the discount code HOME10 you currently save 10% on your purchase!

Resistance band with handle

I already introduced you to resistance bands on my blog. The main difference to the Sculpt Army tape is the grip.

The handle has the advantage that it is much more comfortable to use. Another advantage is that the handle is mounted to rotate, i.e. it rotates when you do exercises – so you never have greater resistance on the wrist.The classic resistance band is also in a ring manufactured, so without end. The resistance band presented here has two ends and a handle at each end.

We don’t want to hide the disadvantages: With this type of resistance band, no support exercises can be done. So if you are looking for a band that offers you support with pull-ups, you are better off using a continuous resistance band without a handle.

As a supplement to your bodyweight home workout, the resistance band with handle can be very useful.

In the practical part of this article, I’ll show you some fine exercises that you can do with this tape.

Loop Band (adjustable)

Loop bands are, so to speak, the little brother of resistance bands. They are shorter and are mostly used to make certain exercises more difficult.

I often use loop bands in my group fitness units, which I lead as a trainer. For example, they help me to teach my participants how to use the correct squat technique. Or also to get a feeling for the control of the shoulder blade. I used thinner straps that are not adjustable. It can also be used as a tool to better master the correct technique of an exercise.

With the strong, 3-way adjustable loop band from Sculpt Army, you can do more.

When I saw the tape for the first time, I was honestly curious to see what exercises I could think of with it.

You will see the result in the article below.

Practical part: The exercises for your home workout

I would now like to introduce you to three exercises with each tool and then put them together for a small home workout.

Exercises with the resistance band with handle

If you have a wall bars or something similar where you can fix the tape, the choice of exercises increases significantly. Then you can use it like some kind of cable pull that you may know from the gym. However, I would like to consciously show you exercises for which you only need the tape alone.

Now you have all the exercises explained in the video. Below I go through each exercise with you step by step.

The first exercise: Snatch

We will do it a little differently. The exercise I want to show you is called Snatch and comes from the Weightlifting.

To do this, you stand a little more than hip-width in the middle of the resistance band and have one of the handles in each hand.

Your legs are slightly bent and you now pull the band up to your shoulders on both sides and then stretch your arms over your head.

This combination exercise is a good arm workout.

The second exercise: long seat row

You sit down in the long seat, loop the band around your feet and then pull with both arms at the same time.With this exercise you work your upper back and also your biceps.

Your elbows move backwards close to your body as far as you can.

Make sure you have a straight back, straight legs and an upright posture.

You may also feel a little stretching effect on the back of your thighs during this exercise.

The third exercise: back kicks

To do this, you take the band again in both hands, then stand on one leg and place the resistance band in the middle of the sole of the foot of the other leg. This exercise is somewhat demanding in terms of coordination.

Then you do a kind of floor scale, but you only straighten your leg when you have already lifted it.

You can see what I mean in the video below.

It is best to do this exercise with one side first and then switch to the other side.

If this is too difficult for you, you can do a similar exercise in the bench position.

Exercises with the adjustable loop band

Now let’s take a look at possible exercises with the loop band.

The first exercise: squat

The advantage of doing the squat with the loop band: You train the outside of your thigh properly and you can improve your technique (the knees collapse inwards is avoided).It is probably the most common exercise on social media channels with one Loop band looks performed.

Set the loop band to a resistance that suits you – it’s best to try the medium level.

Then put it on your thighs near your knees.

Then do squats and make sure that the tips of your feet point slightly outwards and that you also bring your knees slightly outwards.

This way the band gives you a lot of resistance and makes the exercise more difficult.

The second exercise: Knee Ups

Then you walk slowly while standing and lift one leg up at an angle. You stand in an upright position and put the band around your legs.

Then try to touch your knee with the elbow of your diagonal arm.

Perform the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner ..

The third exercise: lunge

Then you do a normal lunge step forward and force yourself back to the starting position.When you lunge, you put the tape back on your thighs, this time in the middle.

You can basically change your leg right away or you can finish one side first and then step forward with the other.

If you have enough space, it is also possible to walk in a lunge.

Here you can see one of the advantages of the Sculpt Army Loop Band: It is pleasant on the skin and hardly slips at all. This is achieved through a clever combination of materials.

Your Resistance & Loop Band Home Workout

How do you put these 6 exercises together in a meaningful way?

I would like to recommend a 40/20 workout for this. That means: You practice for 40 seconds and then have a 20-second break.

We do 2 rounds of each exercise in a row. Lunge and backkicks also 2 rounds, but the first round always with the right, the second with the left.

The workout then looks like this:

  • Exercises with the resistance band with handle

Snatch 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Snatch 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Long seat row 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Long seat row 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Back kick right 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Back kick left 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

  • Exercises with the loop band

Squat 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Squat 40 seconds, 20 seconds rest

Knee Up 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Knee Up 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Lunge alternately 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

Lunge alternately 40 seconds, 20 seconds break

All in all, this crisp workout takes 12 minutes. In any case, please warm up for at least 5 minutes beforehand! If you go full throttle for 40 seconds, it becomes a HIIT home workout.

You can also take it easy and concentrate on performing the exercises with the full range of motion and thus work more on your range of motion and your strength.

Shall we start right away together? With pleasure! Here comes the hands-on video:

You will definitely feel the outside of your thighs the next day – even I had a slight sore muscles – also thanks to the loop band.

Home workout with resistance and loop band – the conclusion

In this article you got to know two fitness tools from Sculpt Army: The Resistance Band with handle and the adjustable Loop Band.

Both tools can help you to make your home workout a little more exciting and varied.

With 3 exercises each, you got an insight into what is possible with the fitness gear.

If you want to start right away, you can buy the equipment from Sculpt Army. Use the discount code HOME10 and save 10% on your purchase.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your training.

Keep moving, stay healthy!

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