5 free fitness training plans

Fitness videos are now like dumbbells in the gym. But which of them are really good? In this article I introduce you to 9 fitness videos and the associated bloggers who understand something about what they are filming for you.

In addition, we bundle the videos into a holistic training plan in which all you have to do is switch it on and get started.

Enjoy reading – and take part!


My intention for this Roundup Post was to introduce you blogger colleagues who can really help you with their fitness videos.

I have therefore created a training plan in two levels of difficulty from the videos presented, which you can download at the end of the article and where you just have to press “Play”, so to speak.

This is what you can expect in this article about fitness videos:

I hope you enjoy reading and even more inspiration for your training.

Goal visualization with Steph

I am a podcaster at “Motivation Punk”, founder of the “Abnehm Mindset Akademie” & coach. It is my mission that all people achieve their goals and lead a life full of strength and clarity! My motto: “Own your life!”I’m Steph, coach for motivation, strength & clarity.

My video for you

Especially during the Corona period I noticed how important mental fitness is.

The ability to deal with challenging situations, to adapt and to maintain a positive mindset. The flexibility to establish new routines and think outside the box. I think that the most important thing is to keep focusing on what goals you have and where you want to go.

So I recorded an 11-minute video with a guided target visualization. The video should help you to connect with your goal, to motivate you to stick with it, to give yourself clarity and energy during challenging times!

I hope you enjoy yourself and look forward to your feedback!

Eat right with Melanie

I am Melanie, fitness trainer and qualified nutrition trainer. I am currently studying nutritional science, am a mom and have been blogging at fitme-licious.at since 2016 about fitness, nutrition and how I can best integrate it into everyday mum life

When the lockdown started, it took me a week to get used to the situation and develop new routines. I have put together a regular training cycle, informed my family about it and always put on my training outfit on sports days. I was mostly out and about at home on my bicycle ergometer. But as Pat proves, weight training is also possible without weights.

A good eating rhythm was also important to me. I concentrated on 3 main meals and made them very balanced. Tip: At least 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit should be eaten with main meals during the day.

Nutrition tips as video

Bodyweight training – training with your own body weight without additional weights, is a very demanding form of strength training. It works the entire body at the same time. In this video you will find out when you should consume which carbohydrates, proteins and fats before and after training in order to achieve maximum effects.

Have fun training and bon appetite! You can find the recipe for my sugar-free Power Striezel here.

Warm up with Zimo

Hi, I’m Zimo.

I blog at www.fitnessagony.de – similar to Pat – about functional training with your own body weight, a balanced diet and various mindset topics and motivation.

I also keep giving my readers updates on my current form of training, preparation for competitions and everything else that moves me in this regard.

Strength training with Bernadette

Hello, me am Bernadette Hörner. As a medical fitness trainer, I give holistic fitness tips on sportblog.cc.

I am convinced that there is a suitable form of movement for every restriction, which is why I present different types of movement on the blog and provide information about new findings / products from fitness and healthcare that really make sense. So that you can also learn in practice how to feel fitter and healthier again, I offer numerous free hands-on workouts with different focuses on my YouTube channel.

Your Resistance Band Video Workout

In my video presented here, I train you to do such a quickie.

With a resistance band, we carry out strength training for the entire body in just 20 minutes. I love resistance bands because they are small, light and inexpensive.

They can completely replace dumbbells and are perfect for the living room, but also for outdoors.

So grab a rubber and we’ll get started right away!

Abdominal training at home with Kerstin

Hey, I’m Kerstin, online personal trainer and behavior change specialist. I help women in responsible positions to live and implement healthy routines and to bring their lives back into balance, even when everyday life is very stressful and thus to get more balance, fulfillment and fun – without the feeling of renunciation and without regular Visits to the gym.

Training your abdominal muscles

If you like short, intense workouts for in between, then take a look at my own brand new short 5 minute abdominal workout. With the 10 specific exercises you will strengthen your core, your core. The training is without equipment, you only need your exercise mat.

If you want to take it a little easier, then just join my 10 minute Standing Pilates video (also good for your abdominal and back muscles).

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