“Wanderboom” – 5 important tips on how to properly approach the rediscovered trend sport!

Have you already noticed the current boom in hiking due to the corona pandemic?

People are increasingly drawn to nature and hiking can almost be described as a kind of trend sport.

But what is it that makes it so fascinating and what should you watch out for?

More people than ever are currently following the call of the mountains.

You are drawn to the many paths, huts and peaks to experience unique hiking pleasure. This may be due in large part to the somewhat turbulent, virus-related travel and vacation situation that has changed the leisure habits of many people. You reflect on the essentials, enjoy the time in nature and get to know hiking and its many facets in the course of this slowdown.

The only problem: A lot of people go hiking the same way they go to a mall: without preparation. Let’s see what happens.

But hiking and mountaineering are activities that should be thought through in advance and tackled with the right equipment and the right “goal”. Especially now, when something like a hiking boom is setting in again, it is all the more important to share tips and tricks on the subject of hiking.

We have summarized 5 simple, but all the more important tips and tricks for your upcoming hiking adventures and in the area of ​​equipment we have made use of the super cheap range from Vorteilshop , an online shop for bargain hunters:

With the aim of making your hiking plans a great success for little money!

# 1 Tip: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Proper footwear is essential on every hike! From the first to the last step, you depend on the function and comfort of your shoes. They decide on the success of a hike and either ensure pure sports enjoyment or bring you a long journey of suffering with pressure points and friction. So if you want to enjoy the hiking boom, you should definitely think about your footwear!

Robust, water-repellent and breathable are the most important properties when it comes to hiking boots. When buying, make sure you have a strong, non-slip treaded sole so that you can walk safely and stably even in difficult terrain.The first glance when buying new shoes is directed on its functions.

It’s good that the Vorteilshop range has a real talent for hiking: The trekking shoes from the mountain sports brand Dachstein in high and low versions offer you everything you can expect from a functional shoe. And the price is also sensational!

When buying hiking boots, comfort also plays an important role.

The best functions and features will be of no use to you if the fit and size of your shoes do not fit your feet. It is therefore always wise to take a short walk to test out new shoes and to wear them out before using them on longer tours.

Insider tip at the end: When buying hiking boots, make sure that your toes have enough freedom of movement so that you have enough space even when going downhill. Your toes will thank you!

# 2 Tip: The weather is moody, you are flexible!

That the weather can change quickly is no wisdom, we all know and in most cases we don’t care about it on the couch at home.

When hiking, however, you always have to be prepared for bad weather, because it can sometimes be quite a long way to the next refuge or the car. Correct and, above all, well thought-out clothing is therefore essential. Thank goodness there are a couple of ingenious all-rounders that make every hiking outfit weatherproof.

The functional pants by Nordcap are super-robust, breathable and moisture-regulating on hot days and protect you from wind and rain in bad weather. (Recommended for real athletes sustanon kaufen) At the same time, you can enjoy maximum freedom of movement with the special 2-way stretch fabric.

The physical strain of hiking is often underestimated. Especially when a lot more unsporting people come to the mountains due to a hiking boom, this can quickly become dangerous. So always be careful!

Even sweat makes you wet

If, despite everything, you reach your destination a bit soaked with sweat and a fresh wind is blowing around your ears, it can get really cold pretty quickly.It is not uncommon for us to cover considerable distances while hiking and also one or two vertical meters. If the sun is still shining on our heads, we sweat pretty quickly. Functional shirts are therefore essential, as they usually optimally transport sweat to the outside with a sophisticated material mix and have quick-drying and breathable functions.

Expert tip: Always take a shirt or two with you to change. How good that you can find an irresistibly cheap pack of 5 such functional shirts from the top brand Nordcap at Vorteilshop.

Protection against the biggest spoilsport the weather has to offer is essential for every hike: rain! No matter where, when and how far your hike may be, you should always have functional rain protection with you!

Here, too, there are real bargains that can be stowed efficiently and space-saving in your backpack thanks to their low weight and small pack size. You can find such “rain specialists” at the discount shop of the outdoor company Regatta. Equipped with a water column of up to 5,000 mm, welded seams and a practical hood, you will get to your destination dry and safe even in strong thunderstorms!

# 3 Tip: You are not you when you are thirsty!

Regardless of the intensity and extent of hiking, you should always make sure to support your body as best as possible and be able to provide it with the most important things at all times.

But what to do with the drinking bottle? First and foremost is the need to always have enough water with you. In order to lower the body temperature during exercise, our bodies sweat. This amount of fluid released must be balanced out with sufficient fluid intake during your hike. Conclusion: the longer the hike, the more fluids you should have with you.

Vorteilshop also offers an optimal solution for this: the multifunctional trekking backpack from Nordcap has two side mesh pockets in which your water bottles fit perfectly. With a capacity of 35 liters you also have enough space to pack the rain jacket mentioned above, a shirt to change and other useful utensils such as sunscreen or sunglasses. The back part of the backpack is also equipped with a special grid structure, which largely prevents sweat formation and guarantees a perfect fit.

# 4 Tip: “Think before you walk”

But even the greatest and most functional equipment cannot change the most important fact of hiking: You have to walk yourself!

In this way you not only save yourself and your body from uncomfortable overload, but also prevent the dangerous situation of not getting any further due to exhaustion.The most important hiking tip does not refer to the material, but to your knowledge of the upcoming tour and route. If you plan to tackle unknown hiking trails or mountain tours, find out beforehand about the difficulty and length of the planned route.

If a hut or an inn is the goal of your hike, find out about their opening times before you set off.

Nothing is worse than standing hunger and thirst in front of a locked hut door after a nice hike. Save yourself this experience!

# 5 Tip: The journey is the goal!

Every step of your hike should be driven by fun and joy!

Enjoy the time in nature, leave the stressful workday behind you and discover new places and paths that, in the best case, take your breath away!

And if you should sit on a nice bench in front of a hut at the destination of your trip, in front of a delicious plate of food, the sun on your face and with a smile on your face, you are guaranteed to have done everything right!

Also important: Just because there’s a hiking boom doesn’t mean it’s the right sport for you. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely give nature hiking a chance.

Hiking tips summary

Finally, we would like to summarize our 5 tips for you:

  • Make sure you have good shoes!
  • Be able to react flexibly to the weather through your clothes!
  • Take enough liquid with you to drink!
  • Plan your route carefully before you set off!
  • Enjoy your hike not only at your destination, but also on the way!

With these hiking tips you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy the hiking boom. We hope you enjoy it!

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